Zelda la Grange (Pty) Ltd is a South African based company registered under the Companies Act, 1973 (Act 61 of 1973) by nr 2009/011973/07.

Zelda la Grange offers motivational speaking sessions to management and/or staff during which she shares experiences and lessons learnt from the 19 years she served as Presidential Aide. 

Having served Nelson Mandela in different capacities her unique outlook on life, inspired by one of the greatest statesmen of our time, provides an ideal opportunity for any company to benefit from her experiences.  Her experiences have brought about a complete metamorphosis within her thinking and attitude towards others and life in general. 

In a world that needs moral regeneration and morality above populism she now strives to serve as a change agent by sharing her story.  

She uses anecdotes of her experiences through life to convey lessons related to discipline, leadership, respect, integrity, honesty and transparency.  Because of her vast field of experiences her speech can be tailor made to apply and focus on the theme of any conference. 

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi 

 “Until I changed myself, I could not change others." – Nelson Mandela

Mary Carlisle, Chairperson of the Midlands forum in KwaZulu Natal had this to say following a speech Zelda made there in 2015:
"The people who were in the Howick High School hall had a morning that will stay with them.   They will think often of Zelda.  They will laugh and think about what she said and they will agree that Madiba chose wisely.  He saw that something special in her. The audience listened to stories about a remarkable man told with such humour, sincerity, energy, love and humility.  But, Zelda never becomes the hero in the story.  She allows Madiba to occupy the centre stage and she is the narrator.   Clearly, she lives by his philosophies and, after yesterday, there will be 600 people who will try to do the same!    As a tribute to her we shall try harder."


To book Zelda for a motivational session please refer to our contact page. 


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