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Interview with Christiane Amanpour from CNN 2014/06/25 – Click HERE 

Interview with KT McFarland from USA – 2014/07/23 – Click HERE

Interview with Andre Mitchell from USA – MSNBC 2014/07/24 – click HERE

Interview with Dan Moyane – eNCA 2014/12/08- click HERE_Part1;  HERE_Part2;  HERE_Part3

Interview (In Afrikaans) with Freek Robinson – Robinson Regstreeks – kykNET 2014/12/11- click HERE

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RSADaily Maverick 2014/06/23 ” Analysis: The Unbearable Whiteness of Being – Zelda La Grange’s journey & the continuing unbundling of white identity” – Marianne Thamm – Click HERE

RSA – TimesLIVE – 2014/06/27  ” The Big Read: Love in a time of Mandela” I like Zelda la Grange’s simple, funny, humorous and unpretentious book about her relationship with Nelson Mandela.  – Jonathan Jansen – Click HERE

UK The Telegraph 2014/07/02 ” Good Morning, Mr Mandela by Zelda la Grange, review” ‘compelling and ultimately heartbreaking” – Davis Blair – Click HERE

RSA SAPEOLE.COM2014/10/20 “Review of Zelda La Grange’s “Good Morning, Mr Mandela” “Good Morning, Mr Mandela is a memoir verging on a romance of sorts between Zelda la Grange and her boss, Nelson Mandela, a man who she served with dedication for 17 years as his personal secretary. It is a fiercely honest account of her emotional metamorphosis – from a conservative and prejudiced white racist South African, into a tolerant, caring human being.” – Ingrid Uys – Click  HERE

RSA – – 2014/10/29  Malema’s Anger is Justified – “I’m not saying that Julius’s anger is not justifiable – it is. But I would like to see people respecting each other more” La Grange said this was a lesson former president Mandela had taught her, and reffered to talks between her former boss and FW de Klerk. – SAPA – Click  HERE

RSA – TimesLIVE– 2014/11/29 “We miss you” Zelda la Grange’s letter to Madiba”. – Click  HERE

RSA – – 2014/12/28 “Zelda’s Mandela book a bestseller” Johannesburg – Nelson Mandela’s former private secretary Zelda la Grange’s book Good Morning Me Mandela is the best selling book of 2014, according to a Sunday news report.  – Click  HERE

Germany – Weser_Kurier – 2015/05/03 “Fast 20 Jahre lang war Zelda la Grange die persönliche Assistentin von Nelson Mandela. Sie trat ihr Amt als junge weiße Frau an, die von der rassistischen Politik des Apartheid-Regimes geprägt war, und wurde rasch zur engsten und geschätzten Vertrauten des Mannes, der ihr Jahrzehnte lang als Feindbild geholten hatte. Ihre humorvollen Erinnerungen sind eine warmherzige Hommage an den großen Politiker.  – Click  HERE 

AU – Good_Morning – 2016/02/16 “What might it take for you to change your mind? Or your set of beliefs? Zelda la Grange is an Afrikaner woman who grew up in apartheid South Africa. Racism was part of her upbringing.”  – Click  HERE 

RSA – netwerk24 – 2016/02/22  Dié rolprent spruit uit La Grange se boek,Goeiemôre, Mnr. Mandela, waarin sy ’n intieme blik gee op die Mandela wat sy leer ken het in die amper twee dekades wat sy sy aan sy saam met hom gewerk het.  – Click  HERE 

RSA – Rand_Daily_Mail – 2016/02/23 “Let’s make a movie!” That’s how Maven Pictures announced Zelda la Grange’s best-selling autobiography‚ Good Morning‚ Mr Mandela‚ will be adapted for the big screen. – Click  HERE

RSA – TimesLIVE –  2016/02/24 La Grange became a trusted assistant to statesman Nelson Mandela, growing to cherish the man she had been taught was the enemy. Her book tells how he transformed her life, beliefs and prejudices as a young woman. – Click  HERE

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 Germany – Gala – 2015/05/02 “Mandelas weiße Enkelin”

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