Mary Carlisle, Chairperson of the Midlands forum in KwaZulu Natal had this to say following a speech Zelda made there in 2015:
The people who were in the Howick High School hall had a morning that will stay with them.  They will think often of Zelda. They will laugh and think about what she said and they will agree that Madiba chose wisely.  He saw that something special in her. The audience listened to stories about a remarkable man told with such humour, sincerity, energy, love and humility. But, Zelda never becomes the hero in the story. She allows Madiba to occupy the centre stage and she is the narrator. Clearly, she lives by his philosophies and, after yesterday, there will be 600 people who will try to do the same! As a tribute to her we shall try harder.”

The Telegraph in London described her book as: Compelling and ultimately heartbreaking…her unguarded honesty allows her to tell a remarkable story.”

I met Nelson Mandela Today (16 Feb 2016)   – Anil Santhapuri, 16 Feb 2016

Today, on 16th of February 2016, I met Nelson Mandela in Sydney, Australia. 

Let me begin by thanking the person who introduced me to Nelson Mandela – Zelda La Grange – who was the former private secretary of Nelson Mandela and has worked with him for close to two decades.

You always find yourself at the right place, at the right time

“You always find yourself at the right place, at the right time”, she said to all of us at WUBS, Australia office during her guest speaker session.

I kept reflecting on the fact that how did I find myself at this place having a chance encounter to meet her and through her having the first-hand experience of Nelson Mandela. How fortunate am I to find myself in Sydney for 3 days for training and get invited to be part of a guest speaker session which I did not even know existed.

She was right. There is nothing much to it. I had to be here today, to meet Nelson Mandela.

Meeting a Servant Leader

In her short 15-20 minute key note, Zelda spoke about some of her life’s key experiences of how she landed up working for Nelson Mandela and how eventually she became a loyal follower of him, his aspirations and his vision. 

I have heard a lot about Nelson Mandela, read a lot about him, got inspired too. Yet, today I met him in person. I saw Nelson Mandela living through Zelda La Grange.

Being her humble self, Zelda went on narrating inspiring and interesting events about Nelson Mandela. The more she was talking about him, the more I was able to see his leadership becoming alive in her, through her. 

Zelda worked as his private secretary, she was his follower – a loyal one. Yet, in the journey she has become something more than that, something larger than that – she has become a Servant Leader truly in the resemblance of Nelson Mandela.

Being a loyal Servant Leader she was attentively narrating the incident of her encounter with him and how he with his kindness, humility and attention won over her. As I was listening to her with rapt attention, she started winning over me with her kindness, genuineness and humility.

Here I was not listening about Nelson Mandela, I started seeing him. This was my first glimpse. 

A good leader creates followers. A great leader creates more leaders.

Zelda La Grange was not a phenomenal follower of one of the greatest personality of our century. She was more than that, she was become a leader in her own accord. A leader created and shaped by one the best leaders of our century. 

This was true Leadership in Action. Leadership begetting Leadership – I was not just listening about him. I was seeing him through his legacy, through her.

She went about talking about three important lessons that she learned from him. Those were on Discipline, Respect and Integrity. She went on to share some examples from his life and her observation.

Here is a leader making her way by living the values of Discipline, Respect and Integrity.

I have heard of Nelson Mandela, read about Nelson Mandela and felt inspired too – all that was second hand experience.

Today I met Nelson Mandela as I met Zelda La Grange. And, she made me a better person compared who I was yesterday by inspiring me.

Leadership and Change can happen by transforming one individual at a time.

Thank you Nelson Mandela for transforming Zelda La Grange and thank you Zelda La Grange for inspiring me today.

“She was one of the most compelling people I have ever heard speak. Truly motivating and all done in a very humorous way”. Melissa Fischer Phizer Commercial Manager, Ireland

“Her talk conveyed the importance of ethical leadership in practical ways as demonstrated by Nelson Mandela throughout his life”. – Jonathan Ackerman, Customer Director, Pick ‘n Pay and Young President Organisation (YPO) member

“The story told by Ms La Grange, makes for compelling listening, interspersed with anecdotes from Nelson Mandela and her learnings working alongside the most iconic statesman of the 20th Century”. Adam Craker, Chief Executive Officer IQ Business and Young President Organisation (YPO) member.